lee jin (he/him) is a first-generation Asian-American  designer & artist. Currently on Dakota land in Bde Óta Othúŋwe/Mni Sota Makoce(Minneapolis/Minnesota).
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Placebo Records

Creative direction and branding, 2020-now

Design work for ︎ Placebo Records, a Midwestern record label, events organizer, and platform for musical artists.
Enter virtual venue ︎ Phantasii

Weird Worlds

Creative direction and branding, 2018-now

Design work within branding, communications & marketing, and art & apparel at ︎ Weird Worlds.

Film Screening Series at ︎ Trylon Cinema

Print and digital graphic design, 2020-21

“Andrei Tarkovsky” DCP series, “Worlds of Misfortune: Three by Hiroshi Teshigahara” 35mm series, and “KOYAANISQATSI AND POWAQQATSI” 35mm and DCP series at ︎ Trylon.

Pancake House

Artist Residency, August 2020

Remote artist residency at ︎︎︎ Pancake House.
During a one month residency with Pancake House, I developed a series of visual pieces & writing to deconstruct the current state of food production, mass incarceration, chemical warfare, and mythology in America within the context of COVID-19.

WeCoLab at Weisman Art Museum

Collaborative design-build studio, 2018

Collaborated with designers, artists, university researchers, and curators within the Weisman Art Museum. Designed and built an environment for an artist talk & temporary exhibit titled ︎ “The Section of Disapproved Books” by Danny McCarthy Clifford.

During the course of the studio, ︎ WeCoLab produced a monthly zine as a form of public reflection on our open practice. Click here to read ︎ my interview with artist Fritz Haeg from the zine.